Summer Holiday Closure

Dear Patients,

Please be informed that the last day for hearing appointments at M H Hearingcare Ltd before our summer holiday will be 9th July 2024. Our clinic will be closed from 10th July 2024 and will reopen on 20th July 2024.

We encourage you to schedule any necessary appointments before the break. During the closure, our phone lines and emails will not be monitored. We appreciate your understanding and wish you a wonderful summer!

For urgent enquires, please contact us before the 9th of July.

Thank you for your continued support!

Best regards,


Sophia Mahmoudi-Hartley, Director and Clinical Audiologist


A Personal Encounter with Noise Trauma and Hearing Loss

My husband's recent experience with noise trauma at a school ball brought to light the often overlooked repercussions of exposure to loud environments. As an audiologist myself, the journey was both unusual and insightful, offering valuable lessons along the way.

At the beginning of this month, we attended our son's annual school ball where a particularly loud band played. While I experienced the typical temporary effects of loud noise - ringing in the ears and muffled hearing - my husband's symptoms persisted. Three days later, I carried out a hearing test confirming a mild high-frequency hearing loss in one ear. Concerned, we sought help at an A&E department the following day, where obtaining steroids became paramount to revive his hearing.

Thankfully, after a week, his hearing returned to normal, and the tinnitus subsided. His ability to communicate remained unaffected, although as an avid musician, the experience was deeply concerning.

One critical lesson from this ordeal is the importance of advocating for oneself in medical settings. Despite my background as an audiologist, we encountered obstacles in obtaining the appropriate treatment. It took persistence, including seeking a second opinion, to ensure my husband received the care he needed.

If anyone experiences sudden hearing loss or similar symptoms, swift action is crucial. Seek assistance from an Urgent Care Unit/ A&E department with an out-of-hours ENT service, within a week of symptom onset, and don't hesitate to advocate for yourself if necessary. Bringing along evidence, such as hearing test results obtained since the hearing loss occurrence, can also aid in receiving prompt and effective treatment.

Let this serve as a reminder that proactive measures and self-advocacy can make all the difference in safeguarding our auditory health.

National Space Day 2024

Happy National Space Day! 🚀

Today, we celebrate the wonders of space exploration and the incredible advancements we've made in understanding the universe beyond our planet. As we marvel at the stars and galaxies, let's also take a moment to reflect on the fascinating connections between space exploration and audiology.

Did you know that astronauts often experience changes in their hearing while in space? The unique environment of space, with its microgravity conditions and exposure to loud noise during launches and spacewalks, can impact astronauts' auditory health. These changes highlight the importance of understanding how the human auditory system functions in extreme environments.

Innovations in audiology, such as hearing aids, play a crucial role not only in addressing hearing loss here on Earth but also in supporting astronauts' hearing health during space missions. Hearing aids are designed to enhance sound perception and improve communication, making them invaluable tools for astronauts working in challenging auditory environments.

On this National Space Day, let's celebrate the spirit of exploration and discovery that drives both space exploration and advancements in audiology. Together, we continue to push the boundaries of knowledge and technology, improving lives here on Earth and beyond.

Happy National Space Day to all the stargazers, dreamers, and audiologists shaping the future of space exploration and auditory health!

Write a Review Day 2024

Celebrate Write a Review Day with M H Hearingcare Ltd!

Are you ready to make a difference in your community while supporting small businesses? Today, on Write a Review Day, we invite you to join us in celebrating the impact of feedback and testimonials. At M H Hearingcare Ltd, we understand the power of reviews in helping others find the best audiology services tailored to their needs.

Here's why your review matters:

  1. Empower Others: Your honest feedback can empower individuals who are seeking quality audiology care. By sharing your experience with M H Hearingcare Ltd, you're helping others make informed decisions about their hearing health.
  2. Support Small Businesses: As a local audiology practice, M H Hearingcare Ltd thrives on community support. Your positive review not only uplifts us but also encourages other small businesses to strive for excellence.
  3. Continuous Improvement: Constructive feedback fuels our commitment to continuous improvement. Your reviews help us identify areas where we excel and areas where we can enhance our services, ensuring we always provide the best possible care to our patients.

Join us in spreading positivity and gratitude this Write a Review Day! Share your experience with M H Hearingcare Ltd on social media, Doctify or our testimonials page. Your words have the power to inspire others and make a real difference in someone's life.

Let's make today a celebration of community, support, and exceptional audiology care!

Christmas Closure 2023

M H Hearingcare would like to wish you a very happy Christmas and new year. We would also like to thank all our clients, customers and everyone else who has supported us over the last 12 months. We will be closing over Christmas and New Year. Last clinic date is Saturday (23rd) and we will be returning on Friday 5th January. Please make 2024 booking requests through the appointment calendar during this time.

Summer Holiday Clinic Closure 2023

IMG_20230706_130904_684 Clinic is now closed to appointments, along with our phone line until 19th July 2023. During this time, you will be able to in contact via email. Please expect a response delay, but we will reply as soon as we can. For service information, please explore this website and visit our social media pages.

New Partnership

We have recently partnered up with Rayovac @hearwithrayovac to provide a variety of hearing aid batteries.

Batteries are £2.00 a packet with free postage and are FREE with every non-rechargeable hearing aid aftercare package purchased.

Please get in touch via 📧 or 📱 07968 182387 to make an order or for general enquires.


Happy 3rd Birthday To Us!


M H Hearingcare Ltd is 3 today!

Thank you to all who have supported us, especially whilst growing during the pandemic.

Here's to a blossoming 4th year ahead!

Please feel free to message us with any service feedback or leave a review on our testimonals page - we strive to provide the best service that we can for our clients.

Today is the last day to take advance of 30% discount on a future hearing assessment for adults and children. Get in touch today quoting the promotion code of MH30.

Clinic Closure – w/c 9th August 2021

Birthday Closed


The clinic is closed until Saturday 14th August 2021, due to birthday celebrations.

You will still be able to get in touch on 07968 182387 or email on during this time but there may be a response delay to any message left.

DOUBLE CELEBRATION - the beginning of September marks the 3rd birthday of M H Hearingcare Ltd! To celebrate, we will be giving 30% off on all future hearing assessments booked before 5th September 2021. Please mention MH30 when booking, for discount.

Repairs and Supplies

M H Hearingcare is providing a hearing aid repair service for anyone who requires maintenance during lockdown.

The service includes: hearing aid cleaning, mould tube changing and changing of open fit tubing for the following hearing aids: Phonak, Starkey, GN Resound and Oticon. 

Fees for the repair service is £30.

Hearing aids can be dropped off at the clinic door at an arranged time to be checked whilst waiting. Alternatively, they can be posted.

A collection and drop off service is also available (see home visit page), for those who are shielding and not able to go out.

The following can also be purchased:

Hearing aid batteries: £2.50 per pack

Cerustop Wax Guards: £2.50 per pack of 8

Earol Olive Oil Spray: £5.50 per bottle


Get in touch via the Contact Us page to make an order and for further information.