Hearing Aids

At M H Hearingcare, we understand that your hearing needs are unique. We are dedicated to providing personalised, high-quality care through state-of-the-art equipment and comprehensive testing, to determine the best solutions for your hearing concerns.

Our clinic is committed to offering a wide range of cutting-edge hearing aids, tailored care packages, and professional services designed to meet your individual needs.

Hearing Aid Options

We offer a selection of hearing aids from industry-leading brands, including Phonak, GN Resound and Starkey. Our clinic provides a wide array of hearing aid models, styles, and accessories to ensure you find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. From discreet in-the-ear models to behind-the-ear options, we have something for everyone. Additionally, we offer a variety of accessories to enhance your hearing aid experience, available for each brand.

Hearing Care Packages

We offer specialised care packages designed to support your ongoing hearing health. Annual hearing assessments ensure that your hearing aids are optimally calibrated to your changing needs. Regular hearing aid reviews allow us to fine-tune settings and address any concerns you may have, ensuring you experience the best possible hearing outcomes.

Real Ear Measurements

Our clinic adheres to best practices in audiology, including real ear measurements. This precise method ensures that your hearing aids are calibrated to your unique ear canal shape and hearing needs. Real ear measurements provide an accurate representation of how sound is amplified within your ear, resulting in a more personalised and effective hearing aid fitting.


For more information or to book a hearing consultation, please call us on 07354 847000 or book an appointment through our booking calendar.

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