Adult Hearing Assessments

At M H Hearingcare, we offer comprehensive adult hearing assessments to ensure optimal hearing health and address any concerns you may have. Our assessment includes:


Medical History

We take a detailed medical history to understand any past or present conditions that may affect your hearing.




An examination to assess the condition of your external auditory canal and tympanic membrane is carried out using an otoscope.





We conduct tympanometry to evaluate the health and function of your middle ear, providing insights into conditions like otitis media or eustachian tube dysfunction.


 A comprehensive audiometric evaluation is performed to measure your hearing sensitivity across various frequencies and identify any hearing loss. Based upon the evaluation outcome, hearing assistive options tailored to your lifestyle and preferences would be discussed.

How Frequent Should I Have My Hearing Checked?

Even if you have no current hearing concerns, it's essential to prioritise your hearing health, especially if you regularly exposed to loud noise or over 60 years old. We recommend scheduling an ear health check annually for adults. Regular check-ups help detect any changes in your hearing status early, allowing for prompt intervention if necessary.

Additionally, routine assessments can identify any underlying conditions or risk factors that may affect your hearing in the future. Prioritising regular ear health check-ups contributes to maintaining optimal hearing health and overall well-being.

Diagnostic Hearing Assessment

In Clinic - £150

Home Visit - £180

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